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Honorable Sir, I call upon you to volunteer for service in the 1st Georgia Regiment. Let every man, dispose to cooperate with the Confederate forces, and leave his name with the Commander of the 1st Georgia Regiment to enlist in our noble cause. I have arms enough for all whose patriotism may move them to heed this call. Respectfully, Fubar, General, 1st Georgia Infantry Regiment. Deo Vindice!

Recruitment Instructions

Head over to the company tool and choose a company to join. See the regiment for a list of all companies in the regiment. Volunteer for the company and then contact your recruiter. If you do not have a recruiter see below.

If you do not have a recruiter, add Clink123 on steam and notify him that you are interested in joining the 1st Georgia War of Rights Regiment. He will respond with all of the necessary information and we will get you started in the 1st Georgia.